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Saturday, May 7, 2011

23 Birthday Wishes/Memories

I feel very privileged for another year of life to be beginning as of tomorrow. So here is 23 birthday wishes combined with my favorite birthday memories.

1. WISH: That I could spend tomorrow with all of my favorite people...MAINLY BRITTNEY LYNN RICE (...impossible)
2. MEMORY: Last year when Megan saved my birthday. Read more about that here: Megan Saves the Day!3. WISH: That I could fly.
4. MEMORY: When I turned 21 and had a joint birthday with Lindsey Roloff and both Beef and Meg were in attendance. And Becca was there. It was fun until Meg fell asleep in Daisy Dukes……then all my best friends from college like Candace and Alaina threw me a small party at their house called Allypalooza. Some girl showed up who was univited...remember Beef?
5. WISH: That tomorrow would be sunny and warm.
6. MEMORY: When my boyfriend and friends threw me a joint surprise 16th birthday party alongside Cara (Cacka) Rochelle at Chils. I was really mad at him that day for not hanging out with me (he was secretly planning the party) oops.
7. WISH: The movie Burlesque on DVD.
8. MEMORY: Mine and Beef’s joint birthday in the 6th (?) grade in which an Elvis impersonator came and embarrassed us to the point of tears. It was so tragic and awful and I think it was only in the last year that Beef finally forgave her mom for allowing it.
9. WISH: That my boss would order me to wear sweat pants to work.
10. MEMORY: My 6th birthday at Skate America, when they pushed me around in the huge skate and everyone chased me. That was so fun. You got to ride around in it for the duration of 1 song of your choice and I am fairly positive that I chose “Achy Breaky Heart” –luckily my musical preferences have improved.
11. WISH: That Blair would not move away.
12. MEMORY: My 17th birthday party when Andrew had my birth
day party at his lake house all weekend. I got to invite my 5 best friends and he invited his 5 best friends and it still stands as one of my favorite birthdays. We had tube wars and played Frisbee and jetskied and wakeboarded and played washers and layed in the hammock and laughed and ate cake.
13. WISH: A yellow cake with chocolate icing.
14. MEMORY: My 10th birthday party where we had a cookout on our dock and I wore my yellow flower overalls that I wore to essentially any special event that year. It had a matching hat.
15. WISH: A hug from my little brother.
16. MEMORY: When my roommates and suitemates had a birthday party for me the night before we moved out of the dorms freshman year of college. They went crazy with crafts and made me all kinds of things, got me a cookie cake and an elephant card. A great way to turn 19.
17. WISH: An iPad 2.
18. MEMORY: When I woke up to my entire house decorated with streamers. We had an all day party which involved a lot of craziness and birthday crowns and sonic drinks with the windows down and Becca driving me around in her white xTerra. And a massive, and I do mean massive, dance party in my living room which lasted the majority of the night.
19. WISH: That I could visit Becca in Belize because she lives here:20. MEMORY: My 18th birthday...I am having trouble deciding exactly how my 18th birthday was spent, but I know for a fact I spent it with Ali Burrow and Emily Middleton. Probably included some shenanigans.21. WISH: That Edward Cullen was a real person.
22. WISH: That I could spend tomorrow at the lake, wakeboarding and laying out and playing loud music.
23. WISH: That 23 would be the best year of my life thus far.

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